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The Benefits of Brain-Suppressing Drugs

There are no documented benefits of certain brain-suppressing drugs other than a risk of brain damage. In addition, brain-suppressing drugs cause long-term harm and sometimes death. The list below details some of the possible side effects from certain brain-suppressing drugs:

Memory impairment. Memory loss has been documented in the scientific literature, but it's not a common problem for anyone and can't be attributed to the drugs. This could be due to the use of the drug or to a genetic disposition that predisposes a person to memory loss.

Nausea. There have been reports of nausea in the context of brain-suppressing drugs. Nausea caused by a drug is not necessarily a good thing. Some reports suggest that some people are more susceptible to nausea than others, and that certain foods or drinks can be less likely to cause a person to become nauseous than others.

Irritability. There are reports of irritation of the eye or the mouth by the drug, particularly in those who are sensitive to eye irritants, such as a glaucoma patient. If a person is using a brain-suppressing drug to suppress the nausea caused by a drug, it is best to refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol while taking the drug.

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