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Some of these are also listed in my article "A Complete Guide to Natural and Supplement Health Supplements".

What are supplements? You might be asking yourself this question too. If you think of a supplement as a food or drink, it is a food. And a drink that is good for you is a drink. It is something you can take to improve your body or mind. When I first started working in nutrition as a medical doctor, I learned that food and drinks are also natural medicines that we can take. This was because the food and drinks we use are the products of plants and animals. But there are also things we take as supplements, which are also substances that are in nature. So they are a supplement. A food supplement that has a medicinal effect is not a supplement.

I am not a scientist, but I have been asked to comment on whether you have some type of natural medicine. A natural medicine means that a person uses a substance to make a disease go away. Natural medicines are used all over the world, but they don't exist in nature, because they have to be created. It's like using a drug in nature, because nature only makes one type of drug.

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